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What is DaliSmartLink?

DaliSmartLink is a range of hardware and software which enables Building Management System (BMS) integrators to develop complete lighting control applications from within the BMS, rather than just monitoring a separate lighting control system.

Without learning new skills, BMS developers and facilities managers can create lighting systems of greater complexity than is possible with any dedicated Lighting Controller, with all the BMS advantages of increased power, reliability and user/developer base, connectivity to any conceivable device or network and the rest of the services within the building, remote monitoring and alerting, and energy management and reporting abilities which can be leveraged in your lighting control system without re-development.

The DaliSmartLink range of products and software has been specified and developed by experienced BMS system integrators and installers to be the best all-round solution for lighting control.

The Concept

Key Features

  • Single programming environment, skill set and hardware for BMS and lighting control.
  • Integrate building and lighting control to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Lever BMS support for all open and proprietary protocols.
  • Inherently web-enabled for secure remote access.
  • Everything you need to control DALI® (IEC 62386) lighting circuits.
  • Control up to 1,600 DALI® devices
  • Can be retrofitted to existing DALI® systems.
  • Fall-back facility whereby lighting control continues to work even if the BMS is off-line.
  • Automated emergency light testing with email and SMS reporting, compliant to BS EN 50172:2004.
  • Includes BMS-aware DALI® networked control products to enable control of lighting across networks or other building services.
  • Pre-written software and driver modules (for Niagara Framework® and other BMS on request) for faster development, with no software licence fees.