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BMS-aware DALI Relay Module

Control up to 4 non-dimmable DALI lights or building services from one DALI address

Use and Installation A four channel DALI relay unit providing independent volt-free contacts capable of switching loads up to 250 V or 16 A. 3000 V isolation between each output relay allows devices on different phases to be switched by the same unit. 4000 V isolation between any relay output and the DALI bus protects your Building Management System and other DALI devices in the event of failure of lights or services switched by the unit.
The DSL Difference The DSL DALI Relay Unit has these unique design features:

  • Unlike other relay interfaces which take one DALI address for each relay, the DSL DALI relay interface only requires one DALI address regardless of the number of relays being controlled. Control up to 256 loads on one DALI bus!
  • The DALI communication functions even in the absence of mains power, allowing network commissioning and addressing, and fault reporting,
  • When powered from DALI, bus interface has low-power draw (1 mA all relays off, 3 mA all relays on) and circuitry to limit inrush current to smooth load on the DALI bus, reduce EMC emissions and DALI power supply stress.
  • Specifications
    Dimensions Standard DIN-rail case, 70 mm wide (90 mm x 59 mm x 70 mm)
    Relay Capability Maximum switching voltage: 250 Vac (50-60 Hz)
    Resistive switching capacity: 16 A
    Inductive switching capacity: 10 A
    Mains supply Class II product, 200-240 Vac 50-60 Hz
    Must be mounted in an external enclosure providing mechanical and electrical protection
    Consumption: 15 mA @ 200 Vac, 12.5 mA @ 240 Vac
    EN 60950-1:2006 + A12:2011 Information Technology Equipment Safety
    DALI Bus Power All relays on: <3 mA at all DALI bus voltages 16 V to 22.5 V
    All relays off: <1 mA
    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) EN 61326 (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
    EN 55024 (Information Technology Immunity)
    Isolation Between separate relay outputs: 3 kV
    From relay outputs to DALI bus: 4 kV
    Environment Operating ambient temperature: 0-50 C
    Humidity: non-condensing
    RoHS, Conflict Minerals and WEEE compliant