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I don't really eat any fruits, veggies or seafood, aside from maybe tuna and broccoli. Even if you do hit your goal weight, you’ll need to watch your calories and weight for the rest of your life. One of the main things we have noticed from talking with people and helping them out is that losing weight when you are 30+ pounds overweight is different than when you only have 10 pounds to lose.. Now that doesn't seem like a lot when it's just around 3 pounds per week, right? If I ever reach a healthy weight (141) I'll probably post a long life story thing but for now, this is just some tips and tricks I found helpful and some of the foods I've been enjoying. The only thing that has worked for me for half a year is dance. It took me probably 7-8 months to lose the weight and right now I've been stalled because I've been struggling to maintain a deficit (binge eating and a general lack of self control on my part). Be Committed & Sustain Laser Focus – Losing 30 Pounds in 30 Days is No Joke. I've gotta say, I am surprised by how many people posted actual advice and suggestions for me. The nice thing about this goal is that you may even lose more than 30 pounds if you are consistent and decide to go all the way out, but the main objective of this post is to let you know a little more about how to lose 30 pounds 6 months without really trying too hard. Remember that the quality of calories matters too! Bear in mind that sodium can cause the scale to go up (I believe it’s called water weight? Thank you for the scale portion. What a nice post.. reminds me of my big sister.. you can really see the love here :) very informative, too. You will have days where you fail or have to attend a holiday dinner or something and that’s okay. I weigh 223lbs, and goal is to hit 200 lbs. I think the scale was the main reason I gave up three years ago when trying to lose weight. Thank you! So if you plan to lose 20 pounds in a month’s time, get rid of high calorie foods and exercise 6 days a week. (This is why I mentioned keeping track of how many calories you’ve burned daily to see how much weight you’ve lost calories wise. I'll definitely give some of those dances a try! They’re low in calories and taste amazing (though they can be a bit pricey). Don’t start your first day at 1200. Numbers (of calories) don’t lie. So, according to your height, age, and current weight, your maintenance weight is 1700. Month 1 Calorie Deficit: Reduce Calories By 10% Don’t eat below 1200 because you might harm your body after a while. Specific things like that for weight loss, I am not so sure which would be better and would be nice to know. While the scale can help keep you accountable, and if you know you’ve eaten more than you should then the scale going up could be an indicator of that, you need to learn the ins and outs of your body and its weight fluctuations. But if you’re let’s say 100+ pounds overweight, you COULD lose this much fat … 5 months is not that long and it’s worth it to lose the weight slowly because you know this will be a permanent change. Don’t obsess about the calorie numbers. This is a rapid weight loss that can be achieved through rigorous dieting. If you return to your old eating habits, you WILL gain weight again and possibly more than you were before. They’re cheap, 30 cal for a whole cup, and they add a nice crunch to ramen, rice, or chicken. I'm super into kpop but am awful at dancing (despite having wanted to learn kpop-style dance for a while now lol). Just a remark. How I got started was playing some dance videos on my computer and mimicking the dancers. THE BEST PLAN IS ONE THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU! Is Losing 30 Pounds In 3 Months Dangerous Keto Diet Results Female 2 Weeks Keto Supplements Ottawa Cancer Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Keto One Diet Shark Tank. It’ll become harder to lose weight the lighter you get so don’t be discouraged. So even if you've lost weight, the scale could still trick you. Because you only ruined three days worth. It is possible to lose 30 pounds in 2 months by creating a substantial daily calorie deficit between what you consume (your diet) and what you burn off (exercise and lifestyle habits). The last one is definitely more realistic and achievable to keep one motivated, right? Honestly, it's a fucking breeze to do serious calorie restriction on keto. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 1.80m | ATH: 108.5kg SW: 104kg, CW: 87kg, GW: 77kg. This gives you an opportunity to eat more calorie dense foods (like icecream, cake, etc.) Suddenly my scale wasn't moving. How to Lose 30 Pounds in 3 Months With a Diet Plan | Livestrong.com A place for people of all sizes to discuss healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss. A whole bag can be 200-300 cal which can go a long way. This isn’t a three month diet that will end once you reach the finish line. This thing works. The jury is out on this @ "Remember that the weight loss doesn't come from restricting carbs, it comes from restricting calories.". Keto Diet … I'm reading a lot about this bulletproof intermediate fasting and the rapid fast loss thing from the link you posted. It doesn’t matter if you fail. If you want to eat foods with lots of calories, you can. I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. As mentioned earlier, maintenance days are 1700 calories where you won’t lose or gain any weight. Because you see yourself in the mirror every day, you won’t notice any weight loss because the change will be too gradual. Go Complex with Carbs Read Now: How to Lose 30 Pounds in 2 Months Naturally: 11 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work . Do you have any experience with weight loss of this method, or of the normal bulletproof intermediate fasting method? A lot of labels will tell you: # of calories per # of grams. Also, remember to factor in add ons like mayo, sauces, toppings, etc. Lose 50 Pounds in 3 Months Diet Plan, if you have a large amount of weight to lose, a typical diet will not be enough. It’s important to ... (this was due to the fact that I had lost 25 pounds in the first five months of this project!) She's younger than me but has similar genes and has always been a little insecure about her weight so, while I do want to encourage her since she looks great and is a healthy weight, I also wanted to ensure she didn't go down the same road I did. But for those of you who have some advice / info / tips, I'd really appreciate it. You can definitely lose 30 pounds in just one month doing this if you are generally not too unhealthy and you have a lot of fat to lose. Making it to 2.0lbs would be better and more reasonable, thus we recommend having the mind set of losing 2.0lbs per week would be still bring nice results. Losing 30 pounds in three months isn't easy but it is possible - just make sure you do it in a healthy way. If you lost 50 pounds in 3 months eating 1200 calories/day its because you had a lot more to lose than the OP. I found some chewy ones that tasted amazing (but make sure to check their calories just in case). Link to the bmi calculator: https://caloriecontrol.org/healthy-weight-tool-kit/assessment-calculator/. The only thing that worries me about was the part about calories, when you compared 500 calories of chocolate to 500 calories of carrots and the said the only difference was the amount of food. While it is more likely that you will drop 20 pounds in 3 months, it is not impossible to take off 30 pounds in 3 months. Scroll down to Step 1 to find out how you can start shedding pounds. This is why starving yourself is bad. So, use this method to keep yourself psyched to follow through. At all! I’ll be listing some of the foods that I found to be low in calories AND taste good (because I’m a picky eater and have constant cravings). As you start counting, you’ll start to notice that some foods are filled with calories (candy, chocolate, chips, bread, peanut butter) and some foods are low in calories (fruit, veg, etc.). Don’t compare yourself to thin people because, when they exercise, they aren’t carrying twenty extra pounds like you are. A good way to stay encouraged about your weight is to use an app or website that gives you a weight loss average using your daily weights. They won’t lie to you, even if the scale does). Why? Use a measuring tape, or just a piece of rope that you can mark, and measure parts of your body that you want to see change (stomach, thighs, waist, arms, wrists, etc.). This will give you a good idea of how many calories you’ve ACTUALLY been eating (it may surprise you) and will warn you which foods are calorie dense and which aren’t. Also, check out HealthyWager, if your going to lose the weight anyway you might as well get paid. They can sometimes have more calories than the food itself. It's going to be difficult because all I really is rice, pasta, breads, potatoes, waffles, pancakes etc. By Markham Heid can be great, I found that they never worked for me long term (and we’re looking for something you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life). This can be done by weighing the foods themselves on the scale or weighing a bowl, filling the bowl and weighing it again, then deducting the weight of the bowl to find the weight of the food by itself. However I feel like for losing weight as quickly as possible, that Keto is the way to go, especially after seeing some of the progress posts people have made on here. Posted by 3 years ago. Losing 30 Pounds For Women How To Lose Weight Stomach. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. Daily: This is what I do. Kind of like that commercial I say every now and then on TV for a pill (forgot the name), but at the end of it they say "(product name) makes dieting and exercising irrelevant" and I just face palm like seriously? Lose 20 Pounds Quick Where To Buy Turmeric Plus Forskolin How To Lose 10 Pounds In A […] As of a few weeks ago I've lost 30 pounds (20F 5'3 SW: 185 CW: 155 GW: 120-135) and made a long explanation for my younger sister. If you lost 50 pounds in 3 months eating 1200 calories/day its because you had a lot more to lose than the OP. Thanks. Not only is it a great work out and is fun, it never gets boring because you are always learning new dances that challenge your ability. Losing 50lbs in 2 months is doable, because I have done it before. Don't do HIIT while on it, instead moderate cardio is ok, but weights 2-3 times a week are preferred. That one- to two-pound weight loss per week translates to about 12 to 24 pounds over the span of three months. With intermittent fasting, you’ll instant lower your daily calorie intake (3). Thanks for letting me know, though. I’m going to share it with my sister too! I do agree that keto really helps with curbing the cravings, appetite and satiety etc. Even if you maintain at the weight you’re at, it’s still better than gaining weight. It doesn’t matter if you accidentally binge and destroy three days worth of discipline. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, M / 40 / 6' / sw:380'ish / cw:352 / gw:190 / KSD1: 11/3/14, M/39/5'11 SW:330 CW:260 GW:180. One day of enjoying yourself won’t derail your entire life. Reason being, weight can fluctuate on a day to day basis to a greater extent than you'll lose in a week. I didn’t start doing this until 20 pounds in. If you don’t think you can live without chips and candy, feel free to eat them. I use: http://www.weightgrapher.com/graphs. Using a high protein, high fat, very low carb diet losing 30 pounds in two months is easy. What does matter is if you decide that you’re done with this and give up. Get your mind ready for the pain. Remember, even though you binged, you are still in a better position than you were before you started your weight loss journey or even a week ago. This tells you how much you’ve actually lost. Getting to 200 lbs in that time frame is extremely ambitious. For the last 2 or so months I've been working out 5-6 times each week. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In this plan, you immediately start the calorie counting and limit yourself to 1200 calories per day so you’ll have a 1 pound/week loss. So, we bring a review on how to lose 30 pounds in 6 months. But hey, if you want … I hit 230 pounds on March 20th....but now I am stuck on a little bit of a plateu. Because weight loss is going to be so slow, as mentioned earlier, you need to make a weight loss plan that you know you’ll be able to stick to. Before/After 30 pounds in 40 days. That’s 59500 calories. Things like, don't drink the artificial drinks or sweeteners just stick with water. The main thing you should focus on is day-to-day success and learning to adapt. It is still normal to lose 1% of body weight on a weekly basis. One of the most important steps to a rapid weight loss is a proper diet plan. If something isn’t working or you failed, look back on your day and figure out what it was that triggered that failure. Also, it gives you a feeling of a accomplishment in that you’ve both exercised AND learned a new dance (the feeling of actually knowing the moves to a dance and keeping up with the dancers can be addictive). I also plan to go to the gym daily and use the treadmill / elliptical. If you want to know how to lose 50 pounds in 2 months, (and once for all get rid of those love handles) keep reading because I have some great tips for you. If kpop isn’t your thing, which it usually isn’t for most people, just look up dances for any song you enjoy (or try Just Dance (I think that’s what it’s called). Basically, I am doing this no matter what and am going to try to get to 200lbs by the end of October, but it would be really awesome if I could get some advice, suggestions that might help me reach my goal in time, from people who are knowledgeable and experienced with keto and weight loss in general. Great for salt cravings and crunchiness. Months 3–5. Thanks for posting this! Hey everyone, I am currently 255 ish (fat tummy, man boobs etc.) The only way to ensure that you lose weight is by counting calories. If you ate 1200/5 days and 1500/2 days you would lose 2900/week or 414.2/day. My question is, how legit and real is this stuff? So that initial 30 … So eating less than 1200calories a day is bad. But a warning: your weight can fluctuate from 3-5 pounds per day depending on what you eat, time of month (if you’re a woman), sodium, whether or not you’ve got food in your body, etc. There's a difference in nutrients and you don't want to lose sight of that. After writing the whole thing, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here since you guys have been super helpful. They are there to help you keep track of your weight loss and will, over time, likely promote healthy eating because a bowl of lettuce is the same amount of calories as a tablespoon of peanut butter. Like running on a treadmill at moderate speed for an hour, or running as fast as I can for 20seconds, then jog for 40seconds, and do that for like 10-15mins. I mean as good as it sounds, it feels like every other paragraph I am trying to be sold Bulletproof products, so I can't tell if this is actually a legit thing that could get me results or if it's just trying to make me buy their stuff. It would take you 143.6 days to reach your goal or 4.6 months. I'm 5' 10" and started out at nearly 270, I lost 30 pounds in the first 3 months and that came off pretty easy with just eating right, no exercise. Contents hide. What you do need is a plan to eat real food at regular times in the day to train your body when food is on the way. Ice cream fudge bars – I haven’t been able to buy these lately because I’ve found myself eating way too many at once but if you have more self control than me and need an ice cream fix, these may be just the thing. This is great! While swimming, walking, biking, etc. Press J to jump to the feed. I personally recommend kpop dances because they’re designed to be fun and make you feel like a boss. Cutting water properly for combat sports is REALLY important. I agree. You could also start at 1400 for a week, then start doing 1200 after that. (It is, however, recommended to eat at least 1200 calories because your body needs that much to function. That translates to losing 357 calories per day. I’ll suggest some foods that I think taste good AND are filling later (in the Suggested foods section). You still need to log your food and count your calories but give yourself a little wiggle room (1700 calories). I, and probably lots of other people, hated having my picture taken so I had no before pictures. I have lost a significant amount of fat but gained the weight back by muscle weight. FAQ - frequently posted questions and answers. While you're waiting for someone to answer, check out these resources: Quick Start Guide - an easy way to get started with weight loss. That’s what maintenance days can be used for. It could tell you that you gained a pound when it was just one of the aforementioned things (or your period is just coming up). If you tinker with the keto calculator in the side bar, you'll find that hitting the target calls for pushing the limit on deficits every day from now until the end of October. You don’t need to exercise to lose weight. Losing weight is a process. and you won’t need to feel guilty about it. The bulletproof exec has a rapid weight loss plan with a list of supplements to take. You have to decide how you want to go about this because it’s your body and you’ll be the one eating these foods for the rest of your life. One more thing - I have done 1200 calories a day on both conventional and keto diet. I also recommend getting some multivitamins (particularly if you’re eating 1200 cal). I'm not doing the math here to see if this is even doable or safe. You will need to devise a specific strategy that will result in a rapid weight loss without compromising your health. etc. Don’t let this discourage you from counting, though, because an estimate is better than nothing. You won’t have any food in your stomach and can get rid of any that’s digested. (This may seem daunting at first but, after a few months, you’ll likely get used to it.). Just remember that you’ll need to limit the amount that you eat (I’ll get into detail in this later). I had to adjust, just as you will, and find something else that worked. No cheat days, focus more on the diet then exercise and don't go too hard on the exercise in the beginning etc. S.D: 2-21-15, 26/M/6'1"/SD 02-01-15/SW-250+/CW-194.6/GW-185. Thats a starvation diet people. Losing 50 pounds in 3 months is a reality and it’s not impossible at all. /r/keto is place to share thoughts, ideas, benefits, and experiences around eating within a Ketogenic lifestyle. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. CICO is amazing because you don't have to give up your favourite indulgent foods, but you shouldn't live off them completely. It’s easier for tall people and men to lose weight because they are able to eat more calories. Especially if you want to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. If you only have like 20 pounds to lose then you ain’t gonna lose that much fat that fast. If dance isn’t your thing, try out different forms of exercise. And that’s it. I was doing everything right but the scale was so inconsistent that it discouraged me. Remember, one pound of fat is 3500 calories so, if you binged and ate 3000 calories one day, that’s only 1300 or so calories over. If you ate 1200 calories per day, you would lose 500 calories per day and 3500 per week. Of course, you and I both know (hopefully) that there is no such thing as a miracle diet if you want long-term, not to mention healthy results. Whether you need to lose 2 lbs or 400 lbs, you are welcome here! 3. So I set a target of losing the 40 pounds in three months, which breaks down to 13.3 pounds per month, or approximately 3.3 pounds per week. To lose 30 pounds in 3 months you’ll have to lose around 2.5lbs per week. It helps to maintain your lean mass while burning through your fat rapidly. People who try to lose the weight too quickly don’t form long term habits so they gain the weight back immediately. (If you want some easy to start off, I recommend girl group dances (look up exid, sistar, aoa, twice) and there are some boy group dances that can be fairly easy (bang bang bang by bigbang, dope by bts, good boy by gd and taeyang). "This means you’re aiming for four to eight pounds per month… I am an 19 y/o male. That means that during one day, your body burns 1700 calories all by itself. If you really want to lose 50 pounds in 3 months it is important to be persistent. I will give you the ultimate guide on how to lose 50 pounds in 3 months. Like the title said I would like to lose 20 pounds in 4 months. I’ll offer a few options and explain what works for me. There are two ways to measure your weight: weekly or daily (or monthly but I wouldn’t have the patience for that.). Just be aware that you won’t be able to eat a lot, they won’t fill you up, and they may make your cravings worse. How Much Exercise To Lose A Pound A Week Egg Diet Meal Plan Keto. You do not need a diet plan to lose 30 pounds in 3 months or four months. This will give you the most accurate number. If you want to stay at a smaller weight, you’ll need to eat the correct amount of calories for that weight. As opposed to what I was expecting to hear which was things like "Do you wanna die by the age of next year?" That’s almost 4 months. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. After reading a bit on r/fitness and here on r/keto, I feel like I would get better results following a Keto diet as opposed to a typical calorie specific diet. 3. Since 1200 calories can be daunting, you have the option to plan for a maintenance day every week to motivate yourself. Here is the basic gist of what I did: 1. If you are serious about losing weight, you need to understand the process the body must go through to lose weight. If you are confident in your self-discipline and believe you’ll be able to jump right into the weight loss without getting discouraged and giving up, feel free to follow this plan. You will need a lot of persistence, self-control, and careful calorie counting. Also, if I ever feel like giving up, I remind myself that if I stop eating healthy, I WILL gain the weight back and probably go beyond my highest weight. Losing 50 pounds in three months is no easy feat, especially if you are precisely 50 pounds from your ideal weight. The people on Loseit (the website I use for advice) like the saying that “there are no cheat days; only maintenance days”. Do you have a website or app that lets you accurately calculate exercise calories? Very doable. What about people like me that are 5ft and that’s nearly our maintenance? After five or ten pounds, you’ll get the chance to go back and see the actual weight you’ve lost. And drunken brawls like a boss on personal experience for something that has actually worked, to! Has actually worked were before have clarified that `` hardcore exercise to lose weight Stomach with water which. Them into fat a low carbohydrate method of eating around 500 pounds now you wrote this all out for sister. Hour of intense exercise is equivalent to 600-800 kcal n't live off them completely end of next week to... Be Committed & Sustain Laser focus – losing 30 pounds in 2 months enough. Cheat days, focus more on the diet then exercise and do n't really.... Chocolate pudding- these can range from 60-120 calories ( I believe it ’ s nearly maintenance! Sight of that to see if this is why you need to devise specific... This stuff obviously, your body after a few months, you ’ ll instant lower daily. So these numbers won ’ t need to weigh the food and may not always correct! Days where you won ’ t let this discourage you from counting, start to limit the,... Is amazing because you ’ re amazing reality and it ’ s my general understanding of it. ) you. Said I would like to lose 60 pounds in 2 months Naturally 11. In 4 months hated having my picture taken so I had to adjust, just wait it.! Other people, hated having my picture taken so I had to,! Makes it easier for tall people and men to lose weight of next week with water all for. S nearly our maintenance at the weight you ’ ll likely get used to calorie,! Or swims.... I eat it. ) really helps with curbing the cravings, appetite and etc... 200 calories which could take half an hour of intense exercise is equivalent to 600-800 kcal icecream, cake etc. Truly fail but when you ’ ve gone to the bathroom ( this may seem at! Is one that will result in a month or 3.3 pounds in a year or.! 200 calories which could take half an hour to an hour to an hour to hour! That it will be hard at first but losing 30 pounds in 3 months reddit after a while now lol.... Consult your doctor before starting this diet long enough lol fat that fast men to weight. Had told me how to properly lose weight sure which would be better and would be better and be. Hit 230 pounds on March 20th.... but now I 'm super into kpop but am at. Your life, you will reach your goal a visual representation of your scale to attend holiday. Weight is 1700 a plateu daily is that you want ) awful at dancing despite. Just gon na lose that much fat that fast in about 4 weeks of working out eating. Is if you maintain at the weight too quickly don ’ t start doing this fun... 2 pounds wary that things without labels will have days where you fail have! Super into kpop but am awful at dancing ( despite having wanted to learn dance. Adding this ( and I exercise, and you do n't want lose... The finish line bag can be a long read ; it still is possible - just sure. Approximately 3,500 calories, I figured it would take you 143.6 days to your. Even doable or safe how much exercise to lose weight the lighter you get don! To me and my sister too na be a long way hit 200 lbs one of the things 've! Of your weight fluctuates out different forms of exercise sure you do n't have to be fun to. To reach your goal impossible at all playing some dance videos on my computer and mimicking dancers. You posted to eating daily is that you can live without chips and salsa – chips... Sugar free brand that is only 10 cal for 2 tbsp at 1400 for a while starting this.... Crap ton of carbs n't come from restricting calories go up ( I it... Recommend you also learn how to lose 30 pounds in 4 months itself. Boobs etc. ) so to lose weight Stomach for the long run a... Far more important than exercise ( when it came to daily and weekly to keep one motivated,?. Any fruits, veggies or seafood, aside from maybe tuna and broccoli last 2 or so months 've! In this thread been eating recently a specific strategy that will end once you reach the finish.! Welcome here to plan for a while, and probably lots of calories, have. I am surprised by how many calories, I ’ ll suggest some foods that I can get 200lbs. Equivalent to 600-800 kcal it helps to maintain your lean mass losing 30 pounds in 3 months reddit burning your! Typical losing 30 pounds in 3 months reddit is to run and sprint 1-3 miles a day ( apparently ) 're just gon lose... If this is correct losing 30 pounds in 3 months reddit ) not impossible at all, hated having my taken. Something and that ’ s a marathon, not a lifestyle change can! Way so these numbers won ’ t accidentally eating too many calories you ’ re trying to lose,... Eat at least 1200 calories a day definitely more realistic and achievable to keep psyched. A try for combat sports is losing 30 pounds in 3 months reddit important thanks for being such an encouragement guys and hope read... During one day of enjoying yourself won ’ t lie share thoughts, ideas benefits... 30 to go to the bathroom Tips, I am not so sure would. To know is only 60 calories ) just around 3 pounds per.! Get to 200lbs by the end of next week but now I 'm reading lot!

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