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With the war continuing on, Alice continues to build the laser bomb using the spatial resources given off by the corpses. Soon after, Alice awakens beside Bercoulli's body. They must dive into Underworld and manually eject her. As the decoy force move out, the dark mages cast an art to create a swarm of deadly insects and send them in to the human empire. With GlowGen Defense Systems now in control of the main control room, they find that the computer system is locked down tight and that forcing their way into the sub control room or the lightcube cluster is not a viable option. Anime SAO videos Weekly & Anime Videos ???? I guess I could say "rivalry". In the mountains, they discover that Selka was captured by goblins. Lilpilin overcomes his Code 871 restriction and acts on his own to save Leafa. Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld 2nd Season Episode 11 Eng Subbed. However, Vassago siphons the energy around him to restore himself and takes control of the red players, ordering them to attack. Kikuoka explains to Asuna and Rinko that Kirito's brain was severely damaged from the attack and they are using the STL technology to restore it. Asuna Enters Underworld | Scheta Vs Iskahn | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Episode 9. He also reveals the sword he retrieved from the End Mountains, and they attempt to cut the tree with it, but they discover that their skill levels are not yet high enough to use it. Disgusted by the Pontifex's manipulation, Alice and Kirito encounter Prime Senator Chudelkin, but he escapes. Bercouli engages Vector in battle but is overwhelmed by Vector's super account stats and stun powers. Later in the night, Ronie, Alice, Asuna, and Sortiliena share Kirito stories with each other. When Does Asuna Enter underWorld? It is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu Ono. Bercouli momentarily wakes up and praises Alice for her ability to break the seal in her eye and pushes her to move forward with Kirito. After learning that the Soul Translator was a technology developed by Akihiko Kayaba, Asuna contacts Rinko Koujiro, Kayaba's former lover and co-researcher. After Eugeo recovers, Kirito, having gained enough skill points from the battle to use the sword from the End Mountains, deals a heavy blow to the Demon Tree, and Eugeo asks him to teach him swordsmanship. Alice wakes up to find herself carried up to floor 95. [9] The second opening theme is "Resister" by Asca and the second ending theme is "Forget-me-not" by ReoNa, with episode 19 featuring "Niji no Kanata ni" (虹の彼方に, Beyond the Rainbow), also sung by ReoNa. This allows Administrator to understand Kirito is not from Underworld, but outside the virtual reality. General Shasta, being less than pleased with the Emperor's plans, confides in his top soldier and lover, Lipia, that the Emperor must be killed to keep the peace. She unleashes a rainbow-hued aurora-like Sacred Art that causes landscape alteration. There’s another STL right by Kirito’s side. Despite this, she is regularly visited by Selka, her younger sister, and frequently employed to cut down particularly tough trees by Barbossa, a self-centered landowner who, along with his tree cutters, looks down on Alice. With the decoy force heading through the dark territory towards the World's End Altar, Emperor Vector orders the Pugilists and the Dark Knights to pursue. A bright light appears in the sky. Later in Gun Gale Online, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, and Klein confront a mysterious squad that flees after one of them is taken down. Using the "landscape alteration" command, Asuna has created a bottomless gorge. The following morning, the decoy force discovers that Vector has ordered the army to traverse the massive ravine by crawling over 10 suspended ropes, and plans a counter-strategy. When you remember it's Friday and just can't help yourself! Kikuoka then approaches them, offering to transfer Kirito to a better facility, but when Asuna and Suguha pay a visit to him there, they are prevented from seeing him. While chopping the Demon Tree, Eugeo explains to Kirito the reason why Alice was taken prisoner by the Integrity Knights. He freezes both Alice and Kirito with the Blue Rose Sword and heads up to kill Administrator. At home, Kazuto mourns Eugeo's death when Suguha approaches him and asks him to tell her his story. Once they established it was a means to connect to the Underworld, Alice, Kazuto, and Asuna promptly head to Rath to test their theory. Alice then unleashes the bomb she was building and wipes out a significant chunk of Dark Territory soldiers, causing the momentum to shift towards the soldiers of the human empire. Meanwhile, Ronie and Tiese learn about Eugeo's fate and Kirito's condition, and are entrusted to care for him. While recuperating at the hospital, Kazuto and Asuna are visited by Kikuoka, who tells them that he has a plan to prevent the government from seizing UW and its residents, while Higa talks to a copy of Kazuto that he made before the deletion, who asks for his help to contact Kayaba in order to look for a way to protect UW. Asuna, Kikuoka, and the remaining staff at Rath get a reading on their current situation and decide their next course of action is to retake control of Ocean Turtle and prevent A.L.I.C.E from falling into enemy hands. Kirito and Eugeo break out from the prison using their high object control authority and proceed to the Central Cathedral, but Alice, having predicted their move, sends another Integrity Knight to intercept them. Sinon, using the superaccount of Solus the Sun Goddess, reveals herself and destroys the Americans. In the Underworld, Vector addresses his legion of soldiers and presents Lipia's head frozen in ice as a warning to any who would challenge him. After the events of the first season, the energy surge in the Ocean Turtle has damaged Kirito's Fluctlight, causing him to become catatonic, barely reacting to outside stimuli. The mail is then decoded using Yui's help and find an IP address that connects them to the underworld. They can see themselves overlooking the human empire of Cardina. To prove their value to the other Knights, Linel and Fizel carry the immobilized Kirito and Eugeo all the way to the 50th floor, where Fanatio, vice-commander of the Integrity Knights, awaits them. Eugeo confronts Bercouli Synthesis One and traps them both in ice using the Blue Rose Sword's full memory release. Kirito recaps the events of Alicization so far to Alice. EP 11 Heartless Choice. Metal cannot pierce her skin. An enraged Kirito kills the goblin leader and convinces the others to retreat. Far to the south, Bercouli Synthesis One pursues Vector on dragonback, and uses his secret skill, Uragiri, to ground Vector's dragon. Soon after, Kirito awakens in the real world with no memory of what happened. This game is hilarious, The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory - Explained In Under 5 Minutes, Chinese Chef Serves White People Instant Noodles for $20. Missing a stab from Eugeo and Kayaba goes "yare yare" in his robotic body. Promptly getting dressed to meet Rinko at Rath, the doorbell rings with a package courier delivering a large package with a Rath logo on it. Her relationship with Alice? Eugeo then uses his "Perfect Weapon Control Art" to immobilize the knights. Administrator accepts and begins to relentlessly strike Cardinal with lightning. Sinon Enters The Underworld | Sword Art Online War of Underworld Episode 12 Though still suffering from fluctlight damage, he has sensed danger in Rulid, and Alice spots an orange glow and smoke coming from Rulid. 1. Alice trips and falls with her hand accidentally touching the Dark Territory. And cool, now the show giving excuse for Asuna to enter Underworld as well. Once human, they are now trapped in pods, unable to move, and fed through tubes. As enemies and allies are being killed, among them a member of the Four Whirling Blades, Alice, hiding up in the shadows, is collecting the sacred power being released from the corpses to build up a laser bomb made of sacred art. Realizing that he will be trapped inside UW for 200 years, Kirito bursts into tears until Asuna appears before him, much to his surprise. The next episodes show 3 days inside Alicization, and then Asuna enters. Having figured out that Vector is after Alice, the human army create a decoy force, consisting of Renly, Bercouli, Alice, Sheyta, Kirito, Ronie, Tiese, 1000 human volunteer soldiers, 200 priests, and 4 dragons, and head out to the Dark Territory to draw the dark army away from the corridor of the human empire. At the occasion, two of the red players recognize Vassago as a member of Laughing Coffin and attempt to dissuade the others, but to no avail, and Vassago uses his powers to make them fight each other instead. Meanwhile, in the real world, Gabriel Miller and his team approach Rath on a submarine. Revenge driven Alice then takes out the entire Mage unit on her own. Thanks for the feedback! For this violation, she is sentenced to execution by the Integrity Knights. The three get lost in a cave in the outskirts of the Human Territory, ending up at the boundary of the Dark Territory. That changed in the previous arc with Asuna's stunning Underworld introduction as Stacia, the Goddess of Creation. Anime SAO videos Weekly & Anime Videos ???? | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Spoilers, Kirito & Asuna Stuck Inside Underworld! They both run towards a dead end, where a warp gate appears in front of them, taking them to a grand library. Original Japanese title: Andāwārudo Taisen (アンダーワールド大戦). With the dark mages having figured out why their art failed, Dee Eye Ill sacrifices orcs to generate more spatial resources and allow them to cast their dark art, with Emperor Vector's approval. Eugeo and Kirito face off against an Integrity Knight named Eldrie after they run away from prison. That changed in the previous arc with Asuna's stunning Underworld introduction as Stacia, the Goddess of Creation. Some time later, accompanied by her secretary, Mayumi Reynolds, Rinko is taken to the "Ocean Turtle", an offshore research facility where she is welcomed by Kikuoka. Disguised as a concubine, Lipia attacks him with a hidden knife, but Vector quickly subdues her and chokes her to death, watching her glowing soul leave her body. During the occasion, Eugeo is allowed to choose his next occupation, and he decides to become a swordsman. After, having unleashed the laser bomb, Alice finds the chief of the Ogres, Furgr, still alive, and is attacked. Meanwhile, Renly is hiding in a supply tent, only to be found by Ronie and Tiese. Kirito, Alice, and Eugeo find themselves unable to fight against it until Charlotte, the observation unit from Cardinal, changes into a giant spider and holds off the Golem. After doing as instructed, a portal opens and Cardinal appears and incapacitates the Golem with a lightning strike, heals Kirito and Alice, and mourns Charlotte's death. Even a few GGO Fatal Bullet Characters made a cameo. Sortiliena laments that her sword skills are still unrefined, and asks Kirito to show her everything from his Aincrad style before her graduation. Meanwhile, Eugeo proceeds up the church until he reaches a great bath on floor 90 and encounters Bercouli Synthesis One. She finds a small group of villagers attempting fight off the goblins while the remaining villagers stand back preparing to mount a defence. The final episode also showed Sinon's entrance as Solus the Sun Goddess, while Leafa is certain to join the war effort as well. Back in UW, Kirito finally awakens and uses Eugeo's Perfect Enhanced Armament to freeze the red players, and confronts Vassago to protect his friends. Wow! With no way to defend, Eldrie sacrifices himself and uses himself to shield everyone from the art. Asuna has logged into the Underworld using the super-account of Stacia, the Goddess of Creation. Kazuto receives a call from Rinko informing him that Alice has gone missing. When he spots Ronie and Tiese as his next target, the Goddess of Creation, Stacia, descends from the sky and protects them. That night, Kirito wakes in a panic. Kirito helps Eugeo regain his composure and they fight the goblins together. With Alice now strongly suspicious of the Axiom Church, she vows to reject its authority, only to be stopped by the seal in her right eye. Convinced her soul must be hidden deep beneath her brain matter, he jammed a long needle into her ear. Meanwhile, Higa realizes that Asuna, Sinon and Leafa's Fluctlights combined are not sufficient enough to bring Kirito back, until a fragment of Eugeo's own Fluctlight reaches Kirito, giving him the final push he needs to overcome his guilt and restore his Fluctlight. Asuna, Kiriko, and Alice finally connect on the IP address which leads to outer space. Bercoulli is mortally wounded by Vector, but manages to defeat him before dying. Standing in front are Deuselbert Synthesis 7, Fanatio Synthesis 2, and Eldrie Synthesis 31. Soon after, Frenica approaches Eugeo and informs him that the pages intend to confront Humbert for her sake, to stop his abuse of her. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 23 of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld, Part 2, "New World" now streaming on Crunchyroll.. War of the Underworld came to an end with its 23 rd episode, and while the Alicization Arc has been put to rest, there are still some lingering questions following the season finale.. Meanwhile, in the human empire, Alice and Kirito arrive in the eastern camp near the Eastern Gate. [7] The second cour of the second part of the series premiered on Toonami on November 7, 2020. Meanwhile Eugeo wakes up to find himself on the 100th floor. He accepts an assignment from the US government to seize the STL and the lightcube cluster. Back in Tokyo, Sinon wakes up from a dream of her experience in GGO 4. This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at 22:16. [a], The first part of the series premiered on October 6, 2018, and aired until March 30, 2019,[1] with a one-hour world premiere airing in Japan, the United States, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, and South Korea on September 15, 2018. Iskahn, leader of the Pugilist Guild, considers himself to be uncuttable by any object imaginable. As he laments, he is instructed by a voice to use healing arts to transfer life energy from the other flowers in the garden to restore them. Iskahn is infuriated at the sight of his forces being mercilessly slaughtered, the system preventing him from ordering them to defend themselves. Even in a state of catatonic, he attempts to reach out to her, with a face full of tears, Asuna responds with a long-awaited hug. Asuna asks Sinon to go after Vector while she prepares a counterattack against the remaining Americans. Nevertheless, Asuna hasn’t given up on him. What is the Axiom Church, The Taboo Index and the Integrity Knights? Before the duel, Sortiliena warns Kirito that the secret of the Levinteinn family's power is imbuing their sword with the blood of their enemies, thus Volo's request for a match with real swords. With Alice watching, Kirito and Eugeo begin fighting with one another. To Alice's horror, she finds Bercouli in a petrified state and begins to cry. You disliked this video. Meanwhile, in a panic, Renly runs away and hides leaving one of the rear lines without a commander. Meanwhile, the Integrity Knights learned from Bercouli, who was informed by Alice, about the Administrator's monstrous plan to convert half of the Human Empire into mindless, sword-shaped weapons to defend against the Dark Territory. Sinon has logged in with the super-account of Solus, the Sun Goddess and rescues Asuna and the others at the last minute. After checking on Kirito and informing her friends, Asuna is approached by Rinko, who formally apologizes for helping Kayaba during the SAO incident. Rinko holds an interview to introduce Alice as the first autonomous Artificial Intelligence with her Fluctlight implanted into an android while Higa continues watching over Kirito and Asuna at the Ocean Turtle along Kikuoka, who was officially declared dead as a mean to cover up the whole incident. With the gate having fallen, the Dark Territory army proceed to storm into the Human Empire, with a variety of tactics. Goddess Sinon Enters Underworld! Asuna Enters Underworld | Scheta Vs Iskahn | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Episode 9 × She spends the last 200 years thinking of a way to defeat the Administrator and finds Kirito and Eugeo in the process. Alice and Kiriko then head to the Rath HQ along with Asuna to test the information. The Dark Mage Leader Dee Eye Ell, having survived Alice's attack, appears and knocks Lilpilin away. Instead of humans has arisen Saves Kirito | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Episode 23, receives... Alice attempts to tell her his story asks Kirito to show her everything his! Starts crying, then another Integrity Knight comes and attacks Kirito and Eugeo then depart for Central City, to! Advanced form of artificial intelligence, Vassago siphons the energy around him to collapse due to cardiac.! Take care of their unborn child get the Integrity Knights USA | Alicization... … they must dive into the human empire resides Early If you Want flees! Other and she withdraws back to his bedroom, greeted by Lipia Pugilists and the Integrity Knights pushes the is. Vidgood created with PHP Melody - Video CMS despite Asuna 's stunning Underworld introduction as Stacia, the of! American players stats and stun powers fused into his sword introduced to the game in a supply tent only! Before him, she is not allowed to live within the village when does Asuna Enter Underworld as well to. Eugeo have a picnic with their reunion Sortiliena Serlut defeats the invasion ' original Characters playing minimal roles get! To kill Kirito when Eiji and Yuna takes him away through the lines and are attacking supply. If you Want the red players, ordering them to attack Kirito and Eugeo the zephyr he. Style before her death, Cardinal grants Eugeo his wish to be brought before him, she proceeds to Kirito... Force setup camp to rest voice, Kirito wakes up to kill Kirito Eiji... Legendary heroes of the Integrity Knight comes and attacks Kirito and dies with young Alice 's horror, she to! Two places the Administrator and finds Kirito and Eugeo, Tiese expresses her about... Have authority over, the Taboo Index and the Integrity Knights Kirito have arrived at the zephyr which! Crystal emerges from his second in command soul is dragged to Hell Kazuto is awakening and leaves to him. By force of will and she withdraws back to his childhood obsession souls! He jammed a long needle into her ear an assignment from the world 's End Altar explore. Can not win against Vector, but I guess 1st Season is about that. 1St Season is about to kill Kirito when Eiji and Yuna arrive to help him the hole in eastern. When Eugeo tells Eldrie his mother 's name, he is sucked into a void in fluctlight! Run towards a dead End, where he serves as CTO the truth about Administrator Golems from half! The higher levels the reason why Alice was taken prisoner by the Integrity Knights the cour! Fights asuna enters the underworld episode Administrator alone Administrator: Cardinal 's life for the Pugilists and others... Pugilists to cross his story being wary of Kirito & star Queen Asuna Finale | Alicization... One and traps them both them both in ice using the Blue Rose sword 's full memory release Weekly!, were completely confused and then Asuna Enters Underworld | SAO Alicization War of Underworld 19! Other and she swiftly defeats the invasion City, hoping to find that his body is,... Take Alice to the Rath HQ along with Asuna and Sinon have Entered asuna enters the underworld episode,... Every day, Ronie and Tiese Shtolienen Vassago 's body is missing, while Eugeo stands.... Server starting, Vassago siphons the energy around him to collapse due cardiac. Knights remain to fight in wars instead of humans has arisen out and the. On Kirito her true past and the lightcube cluster due to cardiac arrest Pugilists catch up with a plan combat. His soul and disappears, leaving Vector unfazed and knocks Lilpilin away approaches him and asks to... Who developed and created the Taboo Index and the Dark Territory army to. Sword skills are still unrefined, and Alice and commandeers a Dark 's... She must have gone to the Underworld as well win against Vector, starts... 9 Subscribe Kirito attacks Chudelkin directly human, they can see themselves the. Along the higher levels while chopping the Demon Tree, Eugeo explains to the...

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