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BMS-aware DALI-enabled input/output module

The only pollable DALI-enabled digital input/output module, and the only MADLI product of its kind!

Use and Installation A four channel digital input module for connecting momentary or latching switches, relays, or other digital inputs to the DALI bus. Optionally, 2 or 4 of the channels may be open-collector outputs (specify when ordering) for driving LEDs, relays etc. The module is powered from the DALI bus (<2 mA, much lower than competing devices) and connects to any conventional light switch or volt-free contact. It fits within a standard pattress box.
The DSL Difference DALI control devices such as scene plates and MCs (“master controllers”) work by broadcasting commands directly to the lights on the same DALI network as themselves. This is adequate for a simple installation of only one DALI network with no central lighting controller, but in more sophisticated systems, in which:

  • A switch or input may control lights on another DALI network,
  • The lighting controller/BMS needs to moderate the user input – so that the same control might do different actions depending on the time or other circumstances, or
  • The switch isn’t controlling lights at all but controls another function of the BMS and is connected to DALI for convenience, then a BMS-aware digital input module is required. The DSL I/O is discovered by the DSL-Master and appears in the BMS system.
  • Specifications
    Dimensions 67 mm x 31 mm x 13 mm (including terminal blocks)
    DALI Bus Power <2 mA at all DALI bus voltages 16 V to 22.5 V
    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) EN 61326 (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
    EN 55024 (Information Technology Immunity)
    Isolation No isolation from digital inputs to DALI
    Digital outputs (optional) are 500 V opto-isolated open collector
    Environment Operating ambient temperature: 0-50 C
    Humidity: non-condensing
    RoHS, Conflict Minerals and WEEE compliant