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dsl-scene-nobackgroundMatt anodised finish


DALI-powered Touch-Sensitive Control Panel and Environmental Sensor

Temperature – Humidity – Lux – Colour Temperature

The only DALI-enabled calibrated Lux sensor!

dsl-scene-nobackgroundBrushed finish
A BMS-aware DALI control panel Standard scene plates broadcast commands directly to the lights on the same DALI network as themselves, so their functions do not vary with time or context. This scene plate communicates over DALI to the BMS so that it can be used to control lighting scenes on any DALI network, or uniquely, any BMS function such as HVAC. Unique environmental sensors in the DSL-Touch enable Demand Controlled Ventilation based on temperature and humidity to decrease energy consumption.
Installation and Customisation The scene plate fits in a standard single pattress box and just requires the DALI network connection for power. It is a capacitative touch panel which supports buttons, sliders, scroll-wheels, and which can be customised with any artwork and embedded LEDs and bargraphs. The example artwork shows one arrangement where four “zones” (lights or BMS controls such as temperature) can be selected and their analogue parameter adjusted with a scroll-wheel. Other arrangements are possible such as a simple array of gang switches, up to 12 of which can fit comfortably and usably in a single pattress! The artwork and LED arrangement can be customised and is sealed behind a polycarbonate plate, allowing easy cleaning for hygiene-critical applications and a theoretically unlimited number of switch operations.
Environmental Sensors Futhermore, the DSL-Scene includes environmental sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Light level) which the BMS can use to control lighting or Demand Controlled Ventilation. All parameters from the control panel and environmental sensor are available as points in the BMS and can be used for lighting or other applications.
Dimensions 89 mm x 89 mm x 12.5 mm drawing
Supplied with 2 x M3.5 screws for BS 4662 pattress box
DALI Bus Power When touched: 6.5 mA @ 22 V DALI. 9.0 mA @ 16 V DALI.
Drops by 25% after 5 seconds of non-use.
Temperature Reported resolution 0.5 C
Accuracy +/- 0.4 C
Humidity Reported resolution 2%
Accuracy (0-80% RH) +/- 2% typical +/- 3% maximum
Light level
(Black body source)
Reported resolution 2 lux
Reported range 1 lux to 8000 lux
Accuracy 2% (above 100 lux)
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) EN 61326 (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
EN 55024 (Information Technology Immunity)
Isolation DALI is isolated from the case by >500 V
Mains Earth connection to case provided
Environment Operating ambient temperature: 0-50 C
Humidity: non-condensing
RoHS, Conflict Minerals and WEEE compliant