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Satchwell Micronet is a well-known building management system operating on many sites in Europe. The system includes programmable controllers sold under Satchwell, Invensys, TAC, and Schneider Electric brands.

Depending on hardware configuration Satchwell Micronet controllers could communicate via three different protocols: Native Communication Protocol or NCP, ARCNET, and LonWorks. NCP is built-in protocol, available on all device models, while ARCNET and LonWorks require extra option cards.

Satchwell Micronet driver for Niagara AX allows seamless communication via NCP protocol between Micronet MN controllers and AX-powered devices, including Vykon Jace, Honeywell Hawk, Trend TONN, JCI FX, Distech Controls EC-NetAX.

As no extra Micronet hardware is required, this driver allows simple and easy integration of Micronet BMS with Niagara, used as graphical user interface or as a protocol gateway, enabling communication with multiple BMS protocols, including but not limited to open protocols BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, Modbus, M-bus and proprietary protocols for Schneider Electric Xenta, Trend, Siemens Desigo, Sauter novaNet, GENIbus, Cylon, Lutron and many others.


Key features:

  • Communicates via NCP protocol available in all Micronet controllers
  • Supports both Micronet generations: “Bus-du-jour” and Micronet 50
  • Communicates via RS-485 port
  • Enables point read and write
  • Overrides outputs for maintenance
  • Supports automatic discovery of devices, objects and properties
  • Synchronizes time in all devices
  • Automatically assigns facets and units of measurement
  • Ideal for retrofit application
  • Supported devices:

MN300, MN440, MN500, MN620, MN350, MN450, MN550, MN650


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