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DALI Analyser

DSL are proud to launch the new version of the DALI analyser with more features for testing and verifying your DALI installation. For more information go to register on the downloads page for the full user manual.

DALI Driver now fully Niagara 4 Compatable

Dali Smart Link are pleased to announce that the DALI driver is now available for the Niagara 4 product range. The driver is fully compatible with all Niagara 4 products and does not require any license to run. plaese check out for full details of our DALI driver.

Dali Smart LInk

You can now connect your BMS and lighting system together with ease with the Dali Smart Link lighting interface. The interface allows seamless connection and programming of a DALI lighting system into a Niagara based control system and now with Dali Smart Link releasing further drivers for the Niagara range the choice is evenĀ greater.