Sauter Driver

Dali Smart Link are pleased to announce the release of their Sauter EY3600 driver

Sauter novaNet is a proprietary protocol for Sauter EY-modulo 2 and EY3600 series devices. They include a wide range of programmable controllers:
 Compact modu2xx
 Universal novaFlex
 Room ecos
 Legacy modular nova106
 Legacy compact nova2xx

Niagara AX novaNet driver is designed to enable communication between Sauter controllers and Tridium Niagara AX powered devices. It provides an efficient solution for retrofit of building management systems, facilitates seamless integration of multiple protocols and  allows convenient makeover of front end software.
NovaNet driver could communicate with Sauter controllers in two ways:
 Via serial port and Sauter EY291 router
 Via TCP/IP network and Sauter EY292 router

Sauter EY3600 driver v1.2


Mark Smith
Author: Mark Smith

Mark Smith