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Dali Smart LInk

You can now connect your BMS and lighting system together with ease with the Dali Smart Link lighting interface. The interface allows seamless connection and programming of a DALI lighting system into a Niagara based control system and now with Dali Smart Link releasing further drivers for the Niagara range the choice is even greater.



Satchwell Micronet Driver Release

Dali Smart Link have released there latest driver for the Satchwell Micronet range of controllers to communicate directly with a Niagara based control system. The driver allows communication via an RS485 port to the Satchwell range of controllers via the Satchwell NCP protocol. You can now simply connect your Satchwell system via a Tridium Jace, Honeywell Hawk or Distech EC-NetAX to the Niagara framework and then connect to other third party systems without the need on any further interface.

Grundfos GENIbus driver released

Dali Smart Link have proud to announce the release of a new Grundfos GENIbus driver which interfaces directly between Niagara and the Grundfos GENIbus network without the need for any further interfaces

GENIbus (Grundfos Electronics Network Intercommunication Protocol) is a pump communication protocol developed by Grundfos. It is used to connect pumps or pump systems to Supervisory system or Building Management System.

Grundfos GENIbus devices can be interconnected and integrated into Tridium Niagara system using the standard RS485 communication method. This avoids buying additional Gateway devices and the installation costs associated with that.

TAC Xenta Driver


Dali Smart Link are proud to release their TAC Xenta Driver for the Niagara Framework.

The driver enables direct communication between Schneider Electric TAC Xenta controllers and Tridium Niagara AX powered devices. Xenta series include a range of freely programmable controllers, which support a proprietary TAC protocol on top of open LonTalk medium.

Niagara AX uses a standard LON card to connect to Xenta network. Xenta device points and schedules are imported into Niagara automatically without complex engineering. They retain their names, descriptions and unit facets, which greatly simplifies integration process. TAC Xenta driver_V1.2

Siemens Driver

Dali Smart Link are pleaed to launch thier Siemens Desigo PX Driver

The driver is designed to enable direct communication between Siemens Desigo PX controllers and Tridium Niagara AX powered devices. It provides an efficient solution for retrofit of building management systems, facilitates seamless integration of multiple protocols and allows convenient makeover of front-end software. Desigo driver Datasheet_1.2


Sauter Driver

Dali Smart Link are pleased to announce the release of their Sauter EY3600 driver

Sauter novaNet is a proprietary protocol for Sauter EY-modulo 2 and EY3600 series devices. They include a wide range of programmable controllers:
 Compact modu2xx
 Universal novaFlex
 Room ecos
 Legacy modular nova106
 Legacy compact nova2xx

Niagara AX novaNet driver is designed to enable communication between Sauter controllers and Tridium Niagara AX powered devices. It provides an efficient solution for retrofit of building management systems, facilitates seamless integration of multiple protocols and  allows convenient makeover of front end software.
NovaNet driver could communicate with Sauter controllers in two ways:
 Via serial port and Sauter EY291 router
 Via TCP/IP network and Sauter EY292 router

Sauter EY3600 driver v1.2


Niagara Forum 2015

Dali Smart Link had an amazing success with the launch of there latest products at the Niagara Forum 2015 held at London Hilton Hotel

There full Product range was demonstrated with the latest cutting edge technology designed with one purpose in mind to Bring Lighting control into the next century.

B.M.S. customers from 28 countries from all over the world visited the stand.

Very exciting times


Smart Buildings Ltd

Smart Buildings Ltd are the latest member of the Dali Smart Link Partner program. Smart Buildings provide the complete solution to monitor your building and provide detailed control and analytical information to assist with the efficient running of your building.

Weather Station Driver for Niagara

Dali Smart Link are proud to announce the launch of the Niagara AX Framework® driver (DSL-Weather) for the Davis Pro2 weather station. The driver allows seamless connection of the weather station to a Jace™ controller or AX supervisor. The Davis Pro2 weather station is a high quality weather station giving all the data that a BMS would need and comes either as a wired or wireless unit.

The cheapest and easiest way to get the current weather data into a BMS system

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