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DaliSmartLink Product Range

DALI BMS Gateway (DSL-Master)

A compact RS485/USB DALI/MADLI gateway interface with an integrated high-efficiency and fully isolated and protected DALI power supply and fallback lighting control functionality. The single-component solution to connect your BMS or PC-based lighting control application to DALI or MADLI.



DALI Digital Input/Output Modules (DSL-IO)

A four channel digital input/output module for connecting momentary or latching switches, relays, lights, or other digital inputs/outputs to the DALI/MADLI bus for communication to the BMS. Whether for control of lighting on the same or another lighting network, or other building services, DSL-I/O lets you put controls where you wish, without running a separate network.

DALI Touch-Sensitive Control Panel/Scene Plate (DSL-Scene)

A DALI/MADLI-powered touch-sensitive control panel and temperature/humidity/lux sensor! More than just a scene plate, through direct communication with the BMS this robust capacitative touch panel can be customised with artwork and LEDs to create virtual buttons, sliders and scroll-wheels to control lights or any building services.

dsl-io-pdo4-nobackground DALI Relay Unit (DSL-IO-PDO4)

A DIN-rail mounted relay module for controlling 4 non-dimmable loads from one DALI address. Control 256 non-dimmable ballasts on one DALI bus! 16 A volt-free contacts with 4000 V isolation between separate relays or open poles. 4000 V isolation between relay loads/mains and the DALI bus. The DALI interface is powered from the DALI bus so it functions even when mains is not present and can report presence of mains on the secondary side. Complete LED indication of fault/installation status.

DALI Environmental Monitor (DSL-EM)

Demand Controlled Ventilation saves energy by controlling the amount of outside air brought into a building, avoiding the waste of energy of heating or cooling the air. Significant mental impairment (tiredness and poor decision making) occurs at 0.1% CO2 concentration; just twice the level found in fresh air. In an unventilated room, the CO2 level can rise to this in minutes. The DSL-EM is the only real-time CO2, temperature, humidity and light level monitor which is sufficiently low-powered to run from a DALI bus. Takes less than 10 mA from the DALI bus; less than most proximity sensors. Optional LCD display alarm. Read about the need for CO2 monitoring here.

DALI Analyser DALI Interface/Analyser

A pocket-sized device which turns your laptop into a virtual oscilloscope to configure and diagnose DALI networks. By looking at the DALI network in the analogue domain, and with capabilities to exercise the network, subtle installation and device problems can be diagnosed. The easy interface can be used during commissioning to verify an installation and devices for compliance with DALI specifications.

Weather Station Driver

This is a Niagara driver for the Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station. The driver gives you all the values available from the Davis Pro 2 weather station in the Niagara framework either on a Jace or AX supervisor. The Davis Pro 2 weather station connects to a Jace or PC running AX via the RS232 port and then the driver displays all the available points. A generic graphic is available as per the picture and all points are available for use within your controller strategy.

Weather Station Driver

Bespoke 3rd Party Drivers For Niagara AX and N4

NovaNet Driver

Niagara AX novaNet driver is designed to enable communication between Sauter controllers and Tridium Niagara AX powered devices.It provides an efficient solution for retrofit of building management systems, facilitates seamless integration of multiple protocols and allows convenient makeover of frontend software. NovaNet driver could communicate with Sauter controllers in two ways:

Via serial port and Sauter EY291 router

Via TCP/IP network and Sauter EY292 router

A single Niagara AX powered device with novaNet driver could serve as integration platform for various Sauter controllers: EY-modulo 2 (novaNet), EY-modulo 4 (LON), EY-modulo 5 (BACnet) as well as 3rd party systems (Modbus, M-Bus, SNMP).

Siemens Desigo PX Driver

Siemens Desigo PX Driver enables Niagara AX to communicate with BACnet over LonTalk devices
The driver is designed to enable direct communication between Siemens Desigo PX controllers and Tridium Niagara AX powered devices. It provides an efficient solution for retrofit of building management systems, facilitates seamless integration of multiple protocols and allows convenient makeover of front end software.

Schneider Electric TAC Xenta driver for Niagara AX
The driver enables direct communication between Schneider Electric TAC Xenta controllers and Tridium Niagara AX powered devices. Xenta series include a range of freely programmable controllers, which support a proprietary TAC protocol on top of open LonTalk medium.
Niagara AX device with Xenta driver provides a unique and cost-effective solution for Schneider building management system retrofit, seamless integration of various protocols and convenient makeover of front-end software. Xenta devices should not be reprogrammed and original TAC Vista front-end could co exist with Niagara on the same network until the end of the commissioning

Satchwell Micronet Driver

The driver allows any Tridium Niagara AX based controller to communicate with a Satchwell MN controller via NCP native communication protocol using a RS485 port . The driver supports MN300, MN400, MN500 and MN600 range controllers and can be used to retrofit a building with other third party devices. The existing Satchwell controllers  can be linked with any other manufacturers equipment seamlessly via a Tridium Jace or other AX based controller or supervisor.

Grundfos GENIbus Driver

GENIbus (Grundfos Electronics Network Intercommunications Protocol) is a pump communication protocol developed by Grundfos. It is used to connect pumps or pump systems to Supervisory system or Building Management System.

Grundfos GENIbus devices can be interconnected and integrated into Tridium Niagara system using the standard RS485 communication method. This avoids buying additional Gateway devices and the installation costs associated with that.

Vaisala Driver

The Vaisala HMT140 driver for Niagara  integrates wireless Vaisala sensors into Niagara-powered devices, including Vykon Jace, Honeywell Hawk, Trend TONN, JCI FX, Distech Controls EC-NetAX

Trend Driver

The Trend IQ driver for Niagara  integrates Trend IQ controllers into Niagara-powered devices, including Vykon Jace, Honeywell Hawk, JCI FX, Distech Controls EC-NetAX

DaliSmartLink can also write Niagara drivers for devices which are not supported by Niagara and can develop devices to your specification. Contact us. or Register to download driver documentation Register Here