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Rotronic HygroFlex series temperature and humidity transmitters are high-quality product for the HVAC industry. The transmitters offer high accuracy and can be used in the projects where it really matters (e.g. data centers, industrial or pharmacuitical environments).
HF and HP series temperature and humidity transmitters support communication via the digital communication protocol. This allows to read measurement and some other instrument data and to some extent configure an instrument without having to use a PC with the HW4 software installed.
Niagara Driver offers fast, straightforward integration with the device discovery and pre-configred point discovery.

Key features

Works via RS-485 or TCP/IP port on Jace
Up to 64 devices per RS485 network
Device and point discovery
Temperature and humidity alarms
AX and N4 compatible

Supported devices
HF53 HF54 HF556 HF56
HF566 HF557(PoE) HF83 HF84
HF86 HF85 (PoE) HP22 HP23-A